Website Development

“Your website can make or break your business. Much like your a cocktail or food menu your website needs to be beautiful, simple, and effective.”

Content Management Systems

Picking a content management system for a website can be a daunting task. Let High Proof Media guide you through the process of picking the right system to help grow your business online. You might just need a simple CMS to host some basic information on your bar or restaurant, or maybe you need a CMS that can also allow customers to make reservations. Our team has designed, developed, and implemented dozens of websites for top companies around the southeast.

Design and Develop

Your website is often the first thing a potential customer sees. It needs to make a good first impression. Beyond just looking great your website needs to function for the end user. Our team can ensure that your website loads quickly, communicates effectively, and can be found on google. We take time and develop beautiful and functional websites that drive your business.

Third Party Integrations

Is there a functionality that you wished your site had? We can handle integrating your site to a variety of third parties to help make the end user experience smoother and allow you to run your business more efficiently.