The Biggest Mistake Local Restaurants Make with Facebook and Instagram Ads

Bar and Restaurant Ads

If you’re new to running Facebook / Instagram ads it can be tempting to save time and energy and just hit “BOOST POST” and let the Facebook Algorithm to the rest. But, if you’re not careful you can be spending tons of extra money getting in front of people who will never spend a dime at your business.

As a marketer I always love to see what other businesses are doing, especially restaurants and bars. That industry is so highly competitive any advantage you can have over your competition helps. I’m always looking at ads that pop up on my Facebook and Instagram feed. When I see a particularly interesting or appetizing post from a restaurant or bar I’ll click it. You’d be surprised how many ads I see each week from restaurants 300 miles away or more!

If these restaurants were chains or expanding into Alabama or Tennessee I could understand, but most of these are small restaurants with one location in a state that’s hours away from me. So why am I getting these ads when I live hundreds of miles away from these establishments? Because whoever set up the ads overlooked one small detail that is probably costing them thousands of dollars each year.

The solution for this issue is easy, just make sure your location settings for your ads line up with your desired area. If you have a restaurant or bar in Los Angeles you don’t need someone from New York City clicking on your ad and wasting your dollars knowing they will probably never come to your business.

This is the reason we always suggest to use Facebook Ads Manager instead of just boosting posts. With the Ads Manager you have much more control over your ads and can increase the likelihood you’ll reach your target customer.