Hospitality Website Tips for More Revenue

Your website is your hub for your online presence. As a hotel or restaurant it’s crucial that your website not only look beautiful, but also function properly.

Iphone On Table with Website

Mobile Friendly for More Conversions

Earlier this year Google announced they would separately index and rank mobile sites. What does this mean for you? If you’re website isn’t mobile friendly or responsive you’re more than likely getting buried in Google rankings. If you don’t know if you’re website is responsive or mobile friendly you need to call us and we can immediately start working to get it fixed and your business back on the first page of google. If your website is already on WordPress or a similar platform making your website responsive could potentially take as little as a few minutes. If you’re on an outdated system or haven’t updated your website in three or more years it is worth it to evaluate converting your website to a new system.

Another reason Mobile Friendly sites are so key is that more and more web traffic is originating from mobile devices. If more of your customers are finding you on their phone it only makes sense you’d want your site easy for them to operate.

Person using Google Maps

SEO To Help Customers Find You

If you’re not sure what SEO stands for it is an abbreviation for Search Engine Optimization. Basically it means making sure your website is designed and the content is properly put together so Google can rank you compared to your competitors. An overwhelming majority of web traffic starts with a search engine, and Google is obviously the most popular. The more appropriate content and keywords you can put into your website the higher it will rank on Google, making it easier for potential customers to find you.

Your website should be working for you. It shouldn’t just be a placeholder that checks the box of “yeah we have a website” it should help drive revenue to your bottom line daily. Making a few tweaks and keeping your website up-to-date can have a huge impact on your business.